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sync only certain folders

Hi there,

Someone asked for the feature to select certain feeds for sync (Subject: Selecting feeds to sync) and this was rejected due to the missing GR API.

I haven't looked into the API but maybe it's possible
to sync only certain folders thereby implementing almost the same feature.

Sorry for suggesting it again, but I wasn't allowed to leave a comment for a rejected suggestion.


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    andreas.wilm shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Greg Bell commented  · 

        You should probably update the FAQ, it still has a link to this feature request rather than info on the sync 'newsrob' only folder.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Refund please. Droid nerds feed opened to disgusting porn pic close-up of genital intercourse by male female spread eagle on their backs.

      • AdminMariano Kamp (Admin, newsrob) commented  · 

        Marking the suggestion now as completed.

        From the blog:
        <<There are two possible extensions to this functionality and you can submit feature requests on uservoice for them. If you create those feature suggestions you can also announce them on the existing feature request from above, so that you meet an audience of likeminded people quickly.

        It might be interesting to configure the name of the "newsrob" tag. That way you can sync multiple devices with different sets of feeds, e.g. "newsrob-droid" and "newsrob-tab".

        Also "newsrob" only syncing does just that (plus starred, shared, notes in the pro version). Maybe I should add "friends's shared articles" as another category?>>

        Please only create/vote for the mentioned suggestion from above if *you* feel you need it, not because it might generally be a good idea ;)

      • Peter commented  · 

        Looking forward for this future. I have suggested it at the beginning of this year but had some ruff time finishing my Msc since. Nevertheless I have made the Idea more clear this week and hope I had inspired Mariano to fit it in the application.

      • AdminMariano Kamp (Admin, newsrob) commented  · 

        Cosmicharade, I also think subscriptions would be a good idea as it would also reduce the up-front cost. However there is currently no way to do that efficiently. Maybe later.

        Samkit, sorry that is not possible to do in an efficient way. It would mean that I would need to sync all feeds individually, which is a high overhead.
        It would be possible to define a limit on how many unread articles to keep on a per-feed basis. http://newsrob.uservoice.com/forums/35624-general/suggestions/685746-stop-noisy-feeds-drowning-out-quiet-feeds?ref=title

        Florin, it's currently in beta. You can test it.

      • Florin commented  · 

        exactly what I baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadly need !!!

      • Samkit commented  · 

        Its a highly required feature at least for me when the data charges are so high here in India.

        Also it will be great if cache can be applied per feed i.e. 10 messages for first feed and 50 messages for second feed to keep in local cache for offline viewing. It also should have a default which can be overridden with feed specific cache.

      • Cosmicharade commented  · 

        I am excited to hear of this and happy to help testing. I would like the ability to sync individual feeds on demand as I read them. May I also suggest you consider a subscription based service so you can get ongoing revenue as it does not seem fair that you do all this work and only get paid once, such as some Newsrob community feature or recommendations or something.

      • Daemon commented  · 

        Any updates? It is already mid-August.

      • rams commented  · 

        I would really love to exclude listen subscriptions from syncing with newsrob.

      • мƴɾℴsɭɒω бƴtɀ commented  · 

        +3 .
        Google Listen, twitter feeds, and all the blogger-following-xxx labels I would love to exclude entirely from NewsRob.

      • vincent commented  · 

        This is a very important feature for me. I have hundreds of feeds I read but only about 20 or so are important enough to keep up with them daily. I would love to be able to just see those in newsrob. An even better improvement on that would be for me to be able to allocate by percentage, which articles I'd like to have in newsrob (ie. folder1 == 60%, folder2 == 30%, etc..)

      • AdminMariano Kamp (Admin, newsrob) commented  · 

        Not likely this release (June) as I am wrapping up and targeting for an official release in mid June, beta testing in ca. 10 days.
        Ggood chance that it comes in the release thereafter. Still thinking about how to deal with with "friends" articles.

      • Markus K. commented  · 

        Any new information on this feature? I would like to have the opportunity just to sync a specific folder.

      • raynerape commented  · 

        Given that a feed can belong to many folders at once, simply defining a special folder called "NewsRob" (explained via help screen after the default by off selective syncing is turned on) is not a problem at all. It's not flexible but it is a workaroudnd that works... around.

      • Chellew620 commented  · 

        I think the Newsrob folder option would work just fine. That way we can manage which feeds we want to sync. They could still be organized into folders in Newsrob by having the program look at which other folders they are in.

      • saxywolf commented  · 

        Simple & Inefficient: Download all feeds and filter out all the ones not in "newsrob"

        Complex & Inefficient: Store a list of their folders and feeds. Have an options screen where you can toggle individual feeds (toggling folders toggles and sets all the feeds in that folder)

        Efficiency: Can only be achieved if the API allows (which it currently does not) so the filtered feeds are not downloaded, thus not wasting battery power and data transfer.

        If you think the complex option isn't worth the effort since they MAY update the API. I say go for the simple method and put a filter toggle in options defaulted to off. Until this is a feature I honestly will not have an RSS reader on my phone.

        Suggestion 1: You could put this in and simply disable the toggle in the free version. I'd buy it just for this filter even if it isn't the most efficient method.

        Suggestion 2: Instead of deleting the filtered feeds... since they were already downloaded, you could have a toggle to either delete filtered feeds OR don't do a notification for them. i.e. don't vibrate, sound, blinking LED, nor a window shade item

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