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Add Google Reader "tags"

Provide the ability to modify tags

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    neolao shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Bogdan Lupu commented  · 

        and the ability to disable sync and hide some o the tags/feeds!

      • elguaxo commented  · 

        +1, please add this feature! I wouldn't mind paying for a pro version just for this.

      • mcadoo commented  · 

        I would really love to be able to tag the individual articles so i can find specific ones easier at a later time

      • Annaen commented  · 

        Just bought your app :-), really good. The possibility to tag an article is however the one thing that's really missing. The recent Google reader app has it.

      • sjl1986 commented  · 

        I'd like to be able to edit the tag from the main feed window so I can tag the articles with a long press rather than having to open the article first. This would make NewsRob a complete Google Reader killer on the Android!

      • katherine commented  · 

        I am always on newsrob. I'm subscribed to 150 blogs! Would love the option of being able to tag the articles I read. Thanks!

      • higrys commented  · 

        Would love to see it!

      • fliep commented  · 

        would love to see that as well. I use tagged articles to display their output public rss feed on a website... just like neolao explained..

        Right now I flag articles with a star and tag them when i get back to my mac. Would be great to tag them directly in NewsRob.

      • Ron commented  · 

        Please add the "tags" to sync with Google Reader.

      • AdminMariano Kamp (Admin, newsrob) commented  · 

        Brandon, get the people to vote here (no matter if pro or otherwise) and this will be implemented ;-)

        Anyway, I keep that in mind. I plan to do something in this area which could then later on become the basis for something like this.

        For the time being. I do what you do using delicious and the beelicious app, to which you can send links via "Share Link" in NewsRob.

      • Brandon Koch commented  · 

        I tag articles so I can refer to all related articles in sharing or future blog posts. If this feature is added then I will get Pro immediately. This feature will get you a lot of power users to purchase your product.

      • janzomaster commented  · 

        If this gets implemented, I'll buy pro - it's the one thing that still keeps me looking for an alternative.
        Would really love it.

      • cansaliebres commented  · 

        I'm totally agree with theo. And I'm sure that many newsrob users feels the same way, but they haven't found this page to ask for this feature.

      • Alex Leonard commented  · 

        This is a big one for me as well. I tend to star articles for one reason, but when I come across an article that really needs the browser to go through then it gets tagged "to-read". Other tags I'd use are "coding-tut" when I come across a relevant coding tut that might be useful in a project.

        So if frequently used tags was an option that would be great, but I'd be quite happy to type my tags in when the need arose.

        I'd actually value this higher than pretty much any other feature/tweak. Get voting people!

      • Mr.DiGi commented  · 

        I'm using stars for "read it later" and tags for regular tagging (and sharing). It would be nice to have this feature in NewsRob too.

      • hronir commented  · 

        I have exactly the same desperaet needs of theo and neolao.
        Anyway, a great app indeed, thanks!

      • theo commented  · 

        Perhaps neolao means the ability to tag (or 'label') individual items, not just whole feeds. I miss this feature from the greader mobile site. I use it to flag individual items into various projects I work on. Different items from the same feed can go into different projects. I desperately need this feature. It is in fact the only thing keeping me from upgrading to pro version

      • AdminMariano Kamp (Admin, newsrob) commented  · 

        Thanks for the explanation. I understand.

        And that would also mean that you will only pick a few tags, but those frequently.

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